Household Cleaning Tips

Enjoying an organic and natural life means different factors to different people, but one thing that it should mean to everyone, and that is using less chemicals in your house. Making use of a lesser amount of chemicals in our foods, having less chemicals in the air we all breathe or using less chemicals in our cleaners are examples of using less chemicals in the home.

Avoid Chemical-Based Cleaning Products

Individuals make use of household cleaners that are actually loaded with dangerous chemicals on a daily basis. You’ll see that many of the chemicals we use for housecleaning are very dangerous if inhaled on a regular basis. These kinds of chemicals can cause severe skin irritations and breathing problems. A pair of chemicals named phenol and cresol are commonly used in disinfectants and can cause serious damage to your central nervous system, pancreas, kidneys, liver or spleen. Precisely how healthy and contented your life can be largely hinges on the chemicals that you use in your home. Killing off infection can be what they are for, but why would you not think that they won’t eventually kill yourself off, too.

A germ-free home might seem like an ideal but it might weaken your immune-system. Because an environment is in fact germ-free, our immune-system will not be very active making your body vulnerable to germs from the outside. One of the most hazardous household cleaners is the aerosol oven cleaner. If you have ever applied the stuff, you know how potent the fumes are, and that alone should tell you how dangerous it is to use. The inhalation of these cleaners could cause long term respiratory complications and touching them can damage your skin because they contain lye and ammonia.

DIY Cleaning Solution

Baking soda and water is probably the safest and most natural method to clean your oven. All you do is distribute the mixture in your oven, leave it over night then scrub it off in the morning. You won’t worry about inhaling hazardous chemicals. Even though artificial air fresheners appear to be a good idea, they are dangerous as they release agents that can render nerves useless. This can alter your sense of smell, so using aroma-therapy oils, which are organic, are much safer to use. Applying all natural ways to clean your home will help to slow down the rise in respiratory issues like asthma. You are going to find the best option for cleaning dirt and grime are products that are all-natural.

These products are all natural so that causes them to be non-toxic, safe for the environment, without having it tested on animals. Even though some companies tout their all-natural products, others may actually be untruthful. Make sure you look at the product labels really carefully to get the right natural products.

Effective Ways to Perform Wood Fence Maintenance

When you really look at all that is required for wood fence maintenance, it’s not bad at all and you only do it every few years or so. This is just one of the things that goes along with owning a wood fence, and the trade-off for what you get is worth it. The only highly recommended maintenance that is more than minimal is cleaning and scrubbing the wood and then you stain it again, but this is not every year. You will have some options with a brand new fence, and they consist of whether you want to buy it stained already or not.

Do Periodic Inspections

What you will have to do so you can preserve a wooden picket fence will not be the same in some regards as you would for a split rail fence. Since you want to take good care of your fence, you’ll do periodic inspections, and this will just be a good visual, plus you can see broken pickets easily most of the time. How quickly you are able to expedite a fence section or other part will probably depend on if you are willing to pay for an expedited shipping process. So do not be afraid to take the challenge with manufacturing your own broken parts that need to be replaced. Dealing with contractors always involves paying more than you would if you bought the picket for your self, and you can go online directly to the original maker and buy it.

Part of your responsibility as a fence and homeowner means that careful inspection may turn up a damage part which has to be fixed in some way. But usually it’s the pickets that are more prone to damage because they’re thinner, so what you can do is simply create a little project in which you fabricate your own pickets.

So while you are making a new piece for your fence, then just enjoy the process and you can do this pretty quickly. If you do not want to be bothered with this process, then you know the typical approach is to outsource this.


There are several approaches available to you if you want to clean your fence, and the best maintenance practice is regular cleaning so you can prevent mold, etc. Bleach used as a cleaner will strip the stain or other protective coatings you may have on the fence. Just read what the instructions say, and while the installation contractor is there you can ask him questions. Simply get your hose out and try it out and see if there is any difference between treated wood and dirty wood.

Regarding wooden fence maintenance, you can rest assured that this is an efficient process. How you feel about staining will determine the direction in which you go. There are ways in which you can apply water only but mold may or will call for something with more cleaning power.